Some days there are heads. Some heads have protruding spines. Sometimes you wish you hadn't looked.


Message to the NBA

Your product sucks.

No amount of muzak, lighting, celebrities or hype will help. You can fawn over the players and their antics, but that doesn't make it any more exciting than it actually is.



Blago makes it to Letterman

There isn't much I can say about this. Keep the faith, Rod.

Watch it here


I wasn't interested anyway

The other half of the world will get to see a partial solar eclipse. So what, I get to freeze my ass off and knock over chairs in the street that were saving public parking spaces for private use.

Read more about the eclipse here and here.

Blago Follows Drew's Lead

As snow swirls to the bottom of the globe......these are the days of our lives.

Blago's defense attorney bid him a fond farewell because the Guv just couldn't keep his f'n yap shut. The good man scheduled appearances on local radio station WLS, The View, Good Morning, America and Larry King. He also compared his family's situation to Pearl Harbor. The Guv's plea to the Chicago Sun Times editorial board to help him ensure fair treatment wasn't well received either. You're getting yours, Blago, and you're getting it fair and square.

In the wake of that speed bump, Blago has hired the same PR firm that Drew Peterson uses.

The impeachment trial begins Monday.


Random Unposted Pics

Rutabaga, Apple and Brown Sugar

Blonde brownie with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and hazelnuts.

Scallops seared with wasabi powder over turnip greens

Lake Michigan gull

Montrose before it got shitty and snowy outside

Looking toward the Loop

Impeachy Keen!

Blago runs, Blago spouts literature, Blago makes senate appointments!

He also got impeached.

Isn't this fun? I'm glad, with such expansive media coverage, that the whole country can enjoy Blago these days.

Did the man really quote the Sillitoe short story "The Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner"? He sure did.

Why wouldn't he identify with the character of a Boy who, following the death of his father, goes on a spending spree with insurance and benefits cash, ending in an arrest for robbery. The story of a youngster rebelling against an authority represented by a moronic police officer, a stereotypical politician, and the authoritarian head of the reform school the boy's arrest lands him in.

Authority wants to use the Boy for his one talent, running. The boy will buck Authority at all opportunity, including losing the big race (stopping short of the finish line if need be) in the face of the temptations of wealth and status promised by Authority. Added to the background of the story is the Boy's misguided reverence for the image of his Father as Saint/Knight/Holy Man.

The grand conclusion of the story has the Boy being punished with six months of labor that enables him to avoid National Service and, rather than reforming him, makes the Boy a better burglar.

Can y'all figure out which character is which?

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